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Coaching, through any delivery method has only one objective, improved results.  Coaching is not about one specific aspect of your business or life, it’s about every facet.  To be truly effective coaching has to be a holistic process. 

You, your organization or both are seeking to improve your outcomes.  Coaching is the only way to initiate the changes that are a prerequisite to achieving extraordinary results.  Coaching isn’t just about business, marketing, relationships etc. it is only about your results.  Your improved results.

“Our Success is Powered by Your Success.” – Shawn Shewchuk


All great business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives recognize the importance of developing a solid foundation.  That foundation is comprised of specific tenets that are essential in achieving loftier objectives.  

The primary objective of every successful business leader is to effectively communicate their vision to their teams.  In so doing, giving the teams one of the tools that are required to effectively initiate the actions steps required to complete the execution of the objectives of the leadership team.

Individual and Entrepreneur

There is a cross-over and strong connection between business and the individual aspects of the coaching process.  Effective and results based coaching is transformational, this is where the ideals of positive change and real results start.

This process is built around the core concept that real and quantifiable results are only achieved when you immerse yourself in the right environment.   The results that you will experience will be in direct relation to your ability to collapse time frames, and avoid growth inhibitors.  You will experience the immense difference that this powerful process creates. 

Approach and Methodology

Improved outcomes, in most scenarios, require a change from the status quo.  From managing activities, ensuring productivity to understanding the financial fitness of the individual or entity, you will experience a dramatic shift because of your decision and commitment to engaging with Change Your Results!

The results based holistic approach that Change Your Results! has developed is time tested and exceptionally advanced.  

Shawn Shewchuk and the Change Your Results team, become your Coach, your resource and your power team.  We know you are ready, and we know that as long as its ethical and legal, you will do whatever it takes to punch right through your targets. 

Let’s get started!

There is a reason why so many have chosen to work with Shawn Shewchuk and the Change Your Results team.  They produce results!  With a successful track record of working with over 8,700 entrepreneurs, high achievers and organizations of all sizes, Shawn and his team work relentlessly to ensure that you surpass your expectations.


Coaching is delivered through a number of unique and extremely effective methods.  Your needs and objectives are unique to you, or your organization, and so is our approach and delivery.  

Call Shawn or a member of our team, and let’s find out what your approach will be.

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