Coach's Corner

Coach's Corner

Up Level Your Game

Whether you are already in the expert space, or you are now ready to take the leap into one of the most rewarding careers that exists, there are a few prerequisites to ensure your success.  You may already know this, it’s been reported that over 90% of those that become involved in coaching and related fields, such as authors, speakers and consultants leave the business within 1 year.

You want a steady stream of paying clients, right? 

One of the primary reasons that this these ventures fail is that most are trading time for money.  If you’ve ever visited your accountant’s office, or perhaps had to visit an attorney’s office, you know that they bill you for the time that they spend on your project or file.  Usually by the hour, or in smaller increments.  If you’re are currently, or thinking about using this model, the chances of if working are extremely thin.


Shawn has helped hundreds of coaches, authors, speakers and consultants escape the trap.  This is no secret, but time is finite.  If you are billing your clients based on increments of time, you may be doing them a disservice, and you are definitely shortchanging yourself.

Over 95% of the questions that Shawn is asked by those in the expert space surrounds how they can get more clients.  

Stop worrying about how many hours you have to put in… 

Those that are truly serious about taking their expert business to the next level, seeking out and hire Shawn and the Change Your Results! team.  There is only one reason that this happen so frequently, those that get the opportunity to work with Shawn, see results.  Real quantifiable results!  The kind of results that make the bank account balance grow.  The kind of results that ensure a steady stream of leads that that convert into paying clients.

Think of it this way, it’s not about the input of time, it’s all about the output, the results!

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