Adding Value

It has been said that the extra mile is a lonely place, as there are very few travelling it. I believe this to be true, and therefore I felt it fitting that I share with you, a recent set of events that we encountered.

Our team hosts a world class event every three months at amazing locations throughout North America. These events has been described by those that have participated in them, as the most “powerful” and “impactful” weekends that they have ever been a part of. It’s called The Matrixx Mastermind. In order for these weekends to be an experience of a lifetime, there are a great many factors that play into the experience that the small and intimate group encounters. Some of what it takes to pull off a successful weekend, to deliver an experience of a lifetime, is not within our control. As a matter of fact outside entities, such as the team in the chosen venue are asked to assist our team in the delivery of a major WOW. By the way, when it comes to adding value, the delivery of a WOW is key to growth and building your tribe.

While planning and organizing our last Matrixx Mastermind weekend, we encountered some interesting and unique patience testing growth opportunities with the hotel that we had chosen to host the event. I’m certain that these anomalies weren’t in any way intentional, however, it still presented our team with some additional steps in achieving the WOW that we were focused on delivering. We engaged in at least three separate conversations with different levels of management at the hotel, who in the end all assured us that there would be no further hiccups.

The key of course isn’t whether or not there are challenges, it’s how you deal with those challenges should they arise. Our team did everything possible to ensure that we delivered a WOW, and engaged the team at the hotel to collaborate with us to do the same. The really awesome part of this experience is how two groups or teams came together, and delivered a truly memorable WOW to our Matrixx Mastermind family.

Right from the moment that we all started to arrive, the entire team at the hotel stepped up, and seamlessly delivered a fantastic WOW. No matter what we threw at them, they delivered and made all of our requests a reality for members. Of course, the important part is what our members experienced. The hotel, according to our Matrixx Mastermind family members, delivered a major WOW and did it with amazing flare and professionalism.

We will certainly be considering that hotel again for future events.

Focus on, collaborating with stakeholders and all involved in any initiative to always focus on delivering a WOW.