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Business has changed. Today’s environment is extremely competitive and requires a dramatically different approach to realize your objectives. Time is a premium and your results are 100% dependant upon your Speed of Implementation™.   Distractions are abundant, and reduce effectiveness. People want to get ahead, achieve their goals and ensure their success. Business waits for no one, your business needs to be on the leading edge. Achievement of your strategic objectives in less time with an increase to the bottom line, are imperative.   Shawn’s methods are right on target and will deliver, both personally and professionally, in less time with a laser focus on your results. Strategic Accountability™ is the key to the success of the hundreds of businesses and nearly 6000 individuals that have sought out and partnered with Shawn. Learn more...


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Money. Do You Deserve More?

Nearly 22 years ago I was asked this question, “what’s the most amount of money you’ve ever earned in a year?” My initial response was to let this presumptuous individual know that what I had or hadn’t earned, was none of his business. That individual was Bob Proctor, who soon became my first coach. When […]

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Shawn Shewchuk value

Adding Value

It has been said that the extra mile is a lonely place, as there are very few travelling it. I believe this to be true, and therefore I felt it fitting that I share with you, a recent set of events that we encountered. Our team hosts a world class event every three months at […]

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Shawn Shewchuk culture

A Culture that Delivers Every Time

As some of you know I am Canadian, and as I’m sure you’ve heard, Canadians are typically considered extremely polite.  I’m told that there are a great many people from around the globe that believe this to be the case.  Conversely, over the years I’ve heard stories of experiences that were anything but positive from […]

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We All Have Something to Give

Recently my family and I spent two weeks on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Every time I go to Jamaica I am blown away by the amazing people and stunning scenery, but the scenery and people are not why I am writing this. This story is about my son, well actually what he gave. As […]

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Shawn Shewchuk time

Time Optimization for Growth

We already know that time is important, we are aware that we should manage our activities in the time that we have been given, and we also know that growth is important.  The reality is, growth is imperative to our success.  It’s been said that we are growth seeking organisms, therefore we should always be […]

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Shawn Shewchuk - Change Your Results

Time and productivity in 2015

Seasons Greetings, friends. There are a number questions that I get asked as I coach, mastermind and speak with and to phenomenal friends and clients all over the country. It really doesn’t matter what part of the continent, there are 3 questions that really stand out to me. I am going address one of those […]

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Shawn Shewchuk 03

Time. Can you manage it?

For years we’ve heard the term “Time Management,” and of course we’ve been told to manage our time better or more effectively.  Here is the reality, you cannot manage time, you get all that there is, but you can manage your activities in the time that you’ve been given.  What does this mean?  Very simply, […]

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Bite Size Pieces

We’re already in month three of 2014. Where are you at on your goals for this year?  Have you made the progress that you originally intended to make by March? You know I get asked a lot of questions throughout the year, some in person as I travel and speak, some by phone and so […]

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Shawn Shewchuk

The Business of People #4: Lead from the Middle

I’M TALKING TO YOU Leadership is one of those topics that is discussed from time to time in the workplace, but those conversations are typically rare, and rarely conclusive.  Of course, there are exceptions, such as when the conversation goes over the yellow line into oncoming traffic.  By this I mean that someone is elaborating […]

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