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The objective of every conference or presentation is to educate, motivate and inspire the participants. Improved and accelerated results are the goals. To inspire change and improvement are at the heart of every opportunity to keynote or present. Shawn understands this, and through his unique humor, compelling experiences and powerful stories, he wows audiences from around the globe.

When business leaders and organizers from around the world want maximum impact, they call Shawn. Shawn has delivered over 5,500 keynotes and presentations, and while he speaks on a number of relevant topics, he is considered to be the THE Productivity Speaker. 

There is a reason why he is asked to come back and speak time and time again, Shawn overdelivers every time he speaks. Shawn brings relevance to every presentation, and every presentation is designed to deliver the desired results.

Shawn Shewchuk is among the most sought-after speakers in North America.

Rave Reviews

Shawn Shewchuk really is the leader that you want to speak to your audience or team. He understands what it takes to effectively convey a message, and delivers that message with enthusiasm and humor.
Shawn is always the highest rated speaker that speaks from our stage, and has spoken over 12 times for us. If you need a great speaker, make sure that Shawn is a major part of your event.”
Ross Lightle
Rich Dad
Shawn’s engaging, informative and humorous presentation was brilliant and impressive. The content was outstanding and timely, and received an extremely positive response. We will definitely call upon Shawn again, and encourage others to do the same. Thank you Shawn Shewchuk.
John Graham
Canadian Heavy Oil Association
When you need a great speaker for an upcoming event, Shawn Shewchuk is the answer! Shawn’s message was right on target. He delivered a results driven presentation that was impactful motivating, inspiring and entertaining. His presentation left the crowd wanting to hear more.
Holly Sorgen
Growing the North Conference
When Shawn Shewchuk speaks the audience listens, laughs and learns. He is always rated as the top speaker at our events, and we will continue to call upon him to speak. If you need an engaging and brilliant speaker for your event that delivers every time, you need Shawn Shewchuk.
Kim Orlesky
President KO Advantage Group Inc.

A dynamic motivational speaker, Shawn not only looks at the big picture but also at the practical applications and the ability to understand risk and reward. Shawn offers high-performance virtual keynotes to audiences worldwide. Shawn brings relevance to every presentation, and every presentation is designed to deliver the desired results!

When event planners and leaders want to their participants to experience a real difference, they call Shawn Shewchuk. Shawn has presented over 4000 times throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. The reason that he is called back to speak multiple times, he delivers results.

Through a unique combination of knowledge and humor, Shawn engages and energizes audiences to aim higher and achieve greater results. With an unparalleled drive to advance and expand the awareness of the audience and participants, he delivers exceptional and forward-thinking performances.

A dynamic motivational speaker, Shawn not only looks at the big picture but also at the practical applications and the ability to understand risk and reward. Through his own intensely personal and compelling success story, he shows his audiences how the power of High Productivity, persistence, and perspective can trigger enormous change.

Shawn Shewchuk is the bestselling author of 2 books including Change Your Mind Change Your Results. Additionally, he has appeared in two movies, the first, The One Minute Success System, where he was featured alongside Brian Tracy and the second, Game Changer, which he also produced. 
Shawn Shewchuk is among the most sought-after speakers in North America.



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High Performance Business Leadership

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experience and outcomes*

book shawn to speak

The Proven 3-Step Method to Boost Productivity

Find out why High Performance and Productivity seem elusive and unattainable for so many organizations and individuals. Shawn shares why most find it difficult to achieve more, and outlines how an individual or team can make small shifts that
deliver massive results. Every individual wants more of something. When clarity and focus come into play, the execution becomes second nature.

While traditional tactics no longer work, Shawn brings a humorous results-based approach that works, when you do. Experience the High Productivity approach to
High Performance.

High Performance Business Leadership

The difference between those that know and understand it, and those that are unaware, are the results. Titles aren’t as important as the outcomes. High Performance Leaders know and understand that real growth is the result of building and coaching from a foundation of knowledge, based on a sustainable and holistic approach to progress and achievement.

Shawn delves into the experiential application of the critical steps of becoming a High-Performance Leader, and building a High Performance team of Leaders.

You Can’t Manage Time

That’s right! For generations we’ve been taught and told, “manage your time.” You can’t manage time, you get all there is. Attempts to manage time don’t work, and “time management” is a fallacy. You can however manage your activities in the time you’re given or blessed with. 

You can’t stop the clock! 

Although this outdated concept has proven ineffective, it is still widely taught. Performance increases exponentially when we place emphasis on productivity and improved outcomes.

Shawn shares what it takes to achieve more while collapsing timeframes, not just talk about it.

Business has changed. The speed of business has increased. You need real, practical and achievable objectives that allow you to focus on high leverage activities in the time that you have been given. Collapsing timeframes allows you to accomplish more in less time.

Sales isn’t a Dirty Word

We are always selling. Believe it, embrace it and become the best at it. 

For generations sales roles have always been shunned. While it is widely known that sales positions are the most lucrative careers you can choose, most believe that sales isn’t really a career. Gain the knowledge and skills, be proactive and know what it takes to become best in class. Everyone, including you, is always selling.

The same concepts apply to building and motivating a sales team, knowledge on process, product and consumer appetite are keys. High performance sales teams employ the same methodologies and skillsets around growth, motivation and personal development.

Change Your Results - Shawn Shewchuk - The Number 1 Results Coach - 49

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