A highly sought-after mentor, consultant, and speaker, Shawn can help guide you through the steps to improve your life by expanding what you believe is possible.

He is the Number 1 Coach, who produces results. From our multi-decade relationship, I know I can always trust him to produce great results for his clients.


Shawn Shewchuk

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Change Your Results - Shawn Shewchuk - The Number 1 Results Coach - 20
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Change Your Results - Shawn Shewchuk - The Number 1 Results Coach - 22

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I can’t tell you how nervous I was when I signed on to work with Shawn. I honestly felt ill, and wasn’t sure if I had made the right decision. Even through all of my ups and downs, Shawn stuck with me, supported and challenged me. I would not be achieving at the level I am if I hadn’t made the decision to invest in myself and engage Shawn for his advice, direction and support. Get this, from concept to over $1,500,000 net, and that is just this year. Working with Shawn was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you Shawn.”

Sean Nelson


What You Will


You want improved results! 

You know that it’s possible, but for some unknown reason the results you want keep eluding you. You want, perhaps even need, an increase in business revenue and profits. You want freedom, and not the kind that some gurus brag about. 

There is more, way more! You and I both know that you want results faster! You already know that there are some self-proclaimed experts that will intentionally drag things out, without actually delivering results. The last thing you want is to pay someone a crazy amount of money, and not get what you want and deserve. That’s just crazy. 

The difference… Clarity – Focus – Execution

We do coaching differently. As a matter of fact, Shawn isn’t even a fan of the words coach or coaching. The reason very simply is this, the idea of coaching has changed to the point where the cookie cutter approach has become the most common and ineffective method that is utilized by so-called experts today. Let’s be honest, the cookie cutter approach does not work!

Rave Reviews

A lot of clutter in my mind got arranged into a precise action plan to succeed. Besides giving me clarity, Shawn has also provided me with the confidence and support I need! I highly recommend to hire Shawn Shewchuk.

Anna Mirimanova

Working with Shawn Shewchuk has been an incredible experience. Within hours because of the coaching from Shawn, I generated an additional $24,000. My business keeps growing and I am on target to hit my goal of $1,000,000 within one year. If you get the opportunity to work with Shawn, do it!

Jon Lamont

Books & Publications by

Shawn Shewchuk

Daily Motivation Vol. 1

Your Freedom Planner

Change Your Mind Change Your Results

Shawn speaks

With over 5,000 presentations to his credit, Shawn is known as THE Productivity Speaker. Audiences across the country and around the world are raving about Shawn’s unique style and humor.

The purpose of every presentation is to motivate and inspire change. Shawn gets this and works with you, our client to develop a presentation just for your audience.

Audiences of all sizes have benefited from Shawn’s informative and humor infused presentations.

Are you Ready for a Life-Changing Career?

Maximize your years of experience in business as well as in life to help other Business Leaders grow and make an impact; all while earning revenue and providing for those you love.

Sales isn’t a Dirty Word

We are always selling. Believe it, embrace it and become the best at it. 

For generations sales roles have always been shunned. While it is widely known that sales positions are the most lucrative careers you can choose, most believe that sales isn’t really a career. Gain the knowledge and skills, be proactive and know what it takes to become best in class. Everyone, including you, is always selling.

The same concepts apply to building and motivating a sales team, knowledge on process, product and consumer appetite are keys. High performance sales teams employ the same methodologies and skillsets around growth, motivation and personal development.

High Performance Business Leadership

The difference between those that know and understand it, and those that are unaware, are the results. Titles aren’t as important as the outcomes. High Performance Leaders know and understand that real growth is the result of building and coaching from a foundation of knowledge, based on a sustainable and holistic approach to progress and achievement.

Shawn delves into the experiential application of the critical steps of becoming a High-Performance Leader, and building a High Performance team of Leaders.

You Can’t Manage Time

That’s right! For generations we’ve been taught and told, “manage your time.” You can’t manage time, you get all there is. Attempts to manage time don’t work, and “time management” is a fallacy. You can however manage your activities in the time you’re given or blessed with. 

You can’t stop the clock! 

Although this outdated concept has proven ineffective, it is still widely taught. Performance increases exponentially when we place emphasis on productivity and improved outcomes.

Shawn shares what it takes to achieve more while collapsing timeframes, not just talk about it.

Business has changed. The speed of business has increased. You need real, practical and achievable objectives that allow you to focus on high leverage activities in the time that you have been given. Collapsing timeframes allows you to accomplish more in less time.

The Proven 3-Step Method to Boost Productivity

Find out why High Performance and Productivity seem elusive and unattainable for so many organizations and individuals. Shawn shares why most find it difficult to achieve more, and outlines how an individual or team can make small shifts that
deliver massive results. Every individual wants more of something. When clarity and focus come into play, the execution becomes second nature.

While traditional tactics no longer work, Shawn brings a humorous results-based approach that works, when you do. Experience the High Productivity approach to
High Performance.

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Change Your Results - Shawn Shewchuk - The Number 1 Results Coach - 49

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