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No matter what you may have heard, Coaching is not dead! If you heard that coaching no longer works, whoever told you that may just be envious of your results. After nearly 3 decades coaching over 12,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and high achievers, I can 100% guarantee you that coaching works, and it works every time, when it’s done the right way.

So, is there something wrong with coaching? Perhaps, and if there is, it has everything to do with how it’s delivered, but please know it’s not you. The delivery methods that are widely used (and unfortunately accepted by most so-called coaches) are woefully ineffective, outdated and some would say, broken. Those who know, know that how coaching is delivered about 98% of the time does not work. What that means is if you’ve hired a coach, followed what the coach told you to do, then didn’t get the results that you were told you would, you aren’t alone. That itself is proof that what coaching has become, isn’t what it was intended to be. 

The idea of coaching and how it is delivered hasn’t changed in over 30 years, yet, everything else has changed. The world is an entirely different environment than it was just 3 years ago, never mind 30 plus years ago. 

Just so you know, that’s all good because it’s not our coaching that needs to change. What has to change are the delivery methods. The delivery is broken, not coaching.

Coaching is all about improvement, it’s about your results. You have to experience the improved results that you need, want, desire and ultimately deserve! Coaching exists for one reason, and one reason only, and that is that you experience improvement.

The Foundation

Shawn has always done things differently, and his approach to coaching is no exception. While the ambiguous terms coach or coaching are the accepted norm, Shawn isn’t a fan. The reason? It isn’t about the title or an opaque description, the process should always be about growth, expansion and scaling. About results, your results.

There are countless modalities, some are newer, and some have been around for a few years, and it doesn’t really matter. Here’s why, you are not going to experience the results that you need and want with just one area of focus. Let’s say you run a business, if you are really exceptional at sales but don’t have any customers to sell your product or service to because you don’t adequately understand marketing, you
won’t be in business for very long. Maybe you have nailed how to always have a positive mindset, but that’s all. You need and deserve more.

One of the reasons for Shawn’s longevity as the Number 1 Results Coach, is his perspective on coaching and how to ensure that it is effective. With a proven track record of over 12,000 raving clients, Shawn knows what it takes, and he has designed everything we do to deliver improved outcomes through a wholistic process that will ensure you experience the results you want and deserve. It isn’t about just one modality, it is about all the important ones. You need to understand marketing, have a grasp on sales, know what is takes to build a brand, develop and maintain a positive mindset, work though processes and systems and ultimately achieve the other “F” word, Freedom. That is why we all do this, for freedom. By the way, one of the lines that Shawn is famous for saying is, “Freedom is defined in three ways, the ability to do what you want, when you want and with whom you want. That encompasses everything.”

Time In

Just putting time in isn’t going to move the needle, at least nothing perceptible. You need to engage in only those productive and High Leverage Activities (HLA’s) that move you closer to your predetermined objective. Once master managing your activities, your outcomes, life and relationships will change, all for the better.

It’s Not About Time In, It’s About Results Out.
– Shawn Shewchuk

Once you are clear on the destination, you will be working through a process that while working backward, you will experience something that you have never experienced before in your life, unless you’ve worked with Shawn in the past. How do I know that? Shawn is the only high-level coach that makes challenging questions simpler to find answers for, all while uncomplicating the complex concepts that few ever have the opportunity to understand and implement, thus removing the obstructions that prohibit most people from ever achieving at a high

Proven Process

While they are the accepted terms, Shawn does not like the words Coach or Coaching. Unfortunately, those terms have been sullied by some who desire success and are willing to do anything at all to get what they want. These so-called wanna-be coaches operate by only one motto, making themselves look like more than they really are, and by trying to get rich by taking and taking, without delivering real results with those they are able to convince that they are the real deal. Let me assure you, they are not the real deal.

To those wanna-be short-term thinking so-called coaches: You know who you are, and your days are numbered. High achievers, entrepreneurs, and leaders around the world are smarter than you want to give them credit for, and they know what they need and want. The answer is RESULTS!

This option is by invitation only. Send your application to Shawn today.

Sales isn’t a Dirty Word

We are always selling. Believe it, embrace it and become the best at it. 

For generations sales roles have always been shunned. While it is widely known that sales positions are the most lucrative careers you can choose, most believe that sales isn’t really a career. Gain the knowledge and skills, be proactive and know what it takes to become best in class. Everyone, including you, is always selling.

The same concepts apply to building and motivating a sales team, knowledge on process, product and consumer appetite are keys. High performance sales teams employ the same methodologies and skillsets around growth, motivation and personal development.

High Performance Business Leadership

The difference between those that know and understand it, and those that are unaware, are the results. Titles aren’t as important as the outcomes. High Performance Leaders know and understand that real growth is the result of building and coaching from a foundation of knowledge, based on a sustainable and holistic approach to progress and achievement.

Shawn delves into the experiential application of the critical steps of becoming a High-Performance Leader, and building a High Performance team of Leaders.

You Can’t Manage Time

That’s right! For generations we’ve been taught and told, “manage your time.” You can’t manage time, you get all there is. Attempts to manage time don’t work, and “time management” is a fallacy. You can however manage your activities in the time you’re given or blessed with. 

You can’t stop the clock! 

Although this outdated concept has proven ineffective, it is still widely taught. Performance increases exponentially when we place emphasis on productivity and improved outcomes.

Shawn shares what it takes to achieve more while collapsing timeframes, not just talk about it.

Business has changed. The speed of business has increased. You need real, practical and achievable objectives that allow you to focus on high leverage activities in the time that you have been given. Collapsing timeframes allows you to accomplish more in less time.

The Proven 3-Step Method to Boost Productivity

Find out why High Performance and Productivity seem elusive and unattainable for so many organizations and individuals. Shawn shares why most find it difficult to achieve more, and outlines how an individual or team can make small shifts that
deliver massive results. Every individual wants more of something. When clarity and focus come into play, the execution becomes second nature.

While traditional tactics no longer work, Shawn brings a humorous results-based approach that works, when you do. Experience the High Productivity approach to
High Performance.

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