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You want improved results! 

You know that it’s possible, but for some unknown reason the results you want keep eluding you. You want, perhaps even need, an increase in business revenue and profits. You want freedom, and not the kind that some gurus brag about. 

There is more, way more! You and I both know that you want results faster! You already know that there are some self-proclaimed experts that will intentionally drag things out, without actually delivering results. The last thing you want is to pay someone a crazy amount of money, and not get what you want and deserve. That’s just crazy. 

The difference… Clarity – Focus – Execution 

We do coaching differently. As a matter of fact, Shawn isn’t even a fan of the words coach or coaching. The reason very simply is this, the idea of coaching has changed to the point where the cookie cutter approach has become the most common and ineffective method that is utilized by so-called experts today. Let’s be honest, the cookie cutter approach does not work!

For you to experience the improved results that you want, you will need to engage in a program that is tailored to you, and your specific needs. Shawn has developed a specialized approach and methodology that delivers results every time. This method consistently and reliably delivers results because it is built around what you need, want, and deserve, around the results that you want to experience. This isn’t just focused on one area, such as business, sales, mindset, or any of the other couple of hundred modalities that have somehow just appeared. You and I both know that being good in just one area isn’t going to get you the results you want. Our program is built around a holistic approach to all areas that you need to get you the results you want and need.

We are powered by your success!


get to know our team

Rishabh Kaushik

Director of Marketing

Rishabh Kaushik

Rishabh is responsible for putting us in front of the people who can benefit from our services. He has years of experience in B2B and B2C lead generation and client acquisition. He helps us in maintaining our funnels and website and create social media content and marketing strategies.

Gillian Mckinley

White Glove Client Concierge & Results Press Publishing Coordinator

Gillian McKinley

Gillian McKinley is our point of contact for communication between clients, publishers, authors and Shawn Shewchuk. Gillian has decades of experience in Customer Service and Administration. Gillian is involved closely with our Results Press clients and authors. Coordinating and working closely with other members of the team Gillian helps our clients bring their dream of being a published author to life.

Juliya Boyko

White Glove Client Concierge

Juliya Boyko

Juliya is responsible for supporting Shawn and the rest of the team with administrative and organizational needs. With almost two decades of Customer Service experience, she acts as a White Glove Concierge between our clients, partners, and our team.


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shawn shewchuk

A motivated and success-driven serial entrepreneur, Shawn is constantly identifying and pursuing new opportunities to serve others. Shawn was raised and lives by the idea that “you give all you can, and then give a little more.” The entire focus of Shawn Shewchuk’s team is: “To deliver a WOW experience, every day to everyone we encounter.”

When many of North America’s high achievers seek a strategic expert to assist them in the achievement and acceleration of their results, they typically seek out or are introduced to Shawn Shewchuk. Shawn Shewchuk is committed to studying, understanding, and helping others achieve more, in less time. If you want to better your life, your career or business, and of course your results, you need to meet Shawn.
Shawn Shewchuk is the authority on Results!

Sales isn’t a Dirty Word

We are always selling. Believe it, embrace it and become the best at it. 

For generations sales roles have always been shunned. While it is widely known that sales positions are the most lucrative careers you can choose, most believe that sales isn’t really a career. Gain the knowledge and skills, be proactive and know what it takes to become best in class. Everyone, including you, is always selling.

The same concepts apply to building and motivating a sales team, knowledge on process, product and consumer appetite are keys. High performance sales teams employ the same methodologies and skillsets around growth, motivation and personal development.

High Performance Business Leadership

The difference between those that know and understand it, and those that are unaware, are the results. Titles aren’t as important as the outcomes. High Performance Leaders know and understand that real growth is the result of building and coaching from a foundation of knowledge, based on a sustainable and holistic approach to progress and achievement.

Shawn delves into the experiential application of the critical steps of becoming a High-Performance Leader, and building a High Performance team of Leaders.

You Can’t Manage Time

That’s right! For generations we’ve been taught and told, “manage your time.” You can’t manage time, you get all there is. Attempts to manage time don’t work, and “time management” is a fallacy. You can however manage your activities in the time you’re given or blessed with. 

You can’t stop the clock! 

Although this outdated concept has proven ineffective, it is still widely taught. Performance increases exponentially when we place emphasis on productivity and improved outcomes.

Shawn shares what it takes to achieve more while collapsing timeframes, not just talk about it.

Business has changed. The speed of business has increased. You need real, practical and achievable objectives that allow you to focus on high leverage activities in the time that you have been given. Collapsing timeframes allows you to accomplish more in less time.

The Proven 3-Step Method to Boost Productivity

Find out why High Performance and Productivity seem elusive and unattainable for so many organizations and individuals. Shawn shares why most find it difficult to achieve more, and outlines how an individual or team can make small shifts that
deliver massive results. Every individual wants more of something. When clarity and focus come into play, the execution becomes second nature.

While traditional tactics no longer work, Shawn brings a humorous results-based approach that works, when you do. Experience the High Productivity approach to
High Performance.

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